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The missing piece for your ultimate pedalboard rig? Universal Audio announces the OX Stomp Dynamic Speaker Emulator pedal

Any individual who’s partial to UA’s guitar {hardware} anticipated it might arrive in the end, however the UA pedal model of its OX Amp Best Field remains to be an tournament in an technology the place pedal amps are gaining critical momentum for house hobbyists, recordists and degree dwellers. And OX Stomp is a vital […]

“It can totally do the hyper-authentic ‘60s thing, but it can do a bunch of other stuff that makes it much more versatile”: Strymon puts “gooey wobble” on the menu with the UltraViolet Vintage Vibe

Virtual guitar results specialist Strymon has expanded its compact collection of pedals with the UltraViolet Antique Vibe, a pedal combining refrain and vibrato to duplicate the heady psychedelic sounds of a antique Shin-ei Uni-Vibe. Arriving in a in a similar fashion pedalboard-friendly shape issue because the Brig and Cloudburst, the UltraViolet applies the would possibly […]

Watch Chad Smith play 30 Seconds To Mars’ biggest hit in one take after hearing it for the first time

Drumeo’s ‘…Hears it for the First Time’ collection — the place a well-known drummer is gifted with a track they’ve by no means heard sooner than and their try to play alongside is recorded — has grow to be a massively common common at the on-line drum lesson platform’s social media channels. This time, it’s […]