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I Tried Creative Labs’ Next Gen Solid-state Driver Earbuds And They Surprised Me In 3 Ways

While you call to mind solid-state tech, you may assume first of pc garage, however you will listen so much about it in earbuds any longer, as corporations have a look at shifting from sophisticated speaker drivers for the highest earbuds to these with out the entire fiddly portions.  One corporate that has been a […]

Shure Aonic 50 (gen 2) Review

Now that USB-C audio is getting extra consideration, what’s to change into of the greats from the primary time round? Shure’s AONIC 50 used to be our pick out for the highest USB-C headphones for a number of years, however the corporate has simply launched its follow-up with a 2d era. However are the Shure […]

The Scarlett 4th Gen Story: Focusrite’s Journey From George Martin’s Air To Bedroom Studios Everywhere

“It’s humorous; such a lot of other folks simply don’t realise simply what number of Scarletts exist,” says Nicholas Howlett, head of the selling workforce at Focusrite. “I believe we’ve were given over six million Scarletts out on the planet now, which outstrips the next-best audio interface by way of more or less an element […]