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Audio-Technica’s famed Sound Burger decks finally hit shelves – and seemingly sell out

Ah, vinyl, how devoted hi-fi fanatics adore you – and I humbly come with myself in that blend. I lined the re-release of Audio-technica’s iconic, 40-year-old pink Sound Burger again in January, along its flip at the CES 2023 level.  And as with every icons of a definite age, we have been informed we would must look […]

Apple planned to add color to AirPods –and I wish it had

Apple had at the start deliberate to promote AirPods in quite a lot of colour choices past the white that’s been usual for the corporate’s wi-fi earbuds because the first AirPods model shipped again in 2016. That information arrives thru pictures shared by means of Apple collector @KostuamiSan on Twitter (by means of AppleInsider), which […]

Fender’s limited edition MIJ Hybrid II Stratocasters expands, offering specs and finishes previously only available in Japan

It is likely one of the iron regulations of electrical guitar that claims Fender Japan all the time will get the good stuff, and even supposing that’s no longer going to modify anytime quickly because the Giant F’s Jap department continues to swing for the fences with inventive designs, it does seem like different territories […]